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Training program and teaching content in Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool

Training program

Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool inherits research results from the Institute of Education Development and Intellectual Việt in the application of early education methods in the world: Montessori, Glenn Doman, theory of multiple intelligences, Japanese education elite for the purpose of maximum activation and development of 8 types of intelligence in children.

Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool currently has two training systems: Montessori Bilingual and Montessori Advance. These two systems ensure the quality of teachers and programs in accordance with the standards of the Institute of Education Development and Intellectual Việt: 

ü  Homeroom teachers are well-trained in accordance with regulations of the School;

ü  The number of students is consistent with the classroom space and student age;

ü  English teachers include native teachers (USA, UK, Australia), Vietnamese teachers who graduated from colleges, universities, are good at English, have experience teaching preschoolers at prestigious schools and educational institutions.

Montessori Bilingual System:

Classroom mixes age groups according to International Montessori standard. From mixing age groups, Xuan Phong Montessori has created a miniature community institution in the classroom where children have the opportunity to come into contact and interact with each other. Young children will observe, learn and follow older children, from which the adult path will be shortened. Older children are assigned to guide younger children, help them to self-learn again by themselves while guiding younger children, while increasing their sense and responsibility.

Study English everyday, in which, there are 5 lessons per week

ü  1 lesson with foreign teacher.

ü  3 English lessons with Vietnamese teacher who has standard pronunciation, trained thoroughly pedagogical qualification according to American English standard

ü  1 Montessori lesson in English (Study by each topic in Montessori when students are equipped with basic English: science, culture, sense, etc.).

Montessori Advanced System:

Study 2 English lessons a week with Vietnamese teacher who has standard pronunciation, trained thoroughly pedagogical qualification according to American English standard; Study 1 English lesson with foreign teacher.

Study English everyday, in which, there are 5 lessons per week :

- 1 sesson with foreign teachers.

- 3 sessons with Vietnamese teachers have standard pronunciation, pedagogical training is well trained, standard American English

- 1 Montessori session in English (study in Montessori topics when students are equipped with basic English: science, culture, sense ...).

Montessori Advanced:

Learning English in 2 sessions per week with Vietnamese teachers who have standard pronunciation and pedagogical training under American English standard; 1 lession per month with a foreign teacher.

Teaching content

Xuan Phong Preschool gives its pupils the training and education in the direction of individualization - meaning that maximize the child's own ability, with his own mental and physical intelligence. The school ensures that all children meet the requirements of comprehensive physical, mental and intellectual development; develop his knowledge and gain the mature integration and the confidence in many different environments; ability to self-control. adapt and adjust to changes in his life.

Courses such as: Natural Science, Social Science and Thinking Science are taught in a modern way and the program is built thoroughly to suit each kind of preschool children.

In addition to the subjects included in the program approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, there are also applied life skills, MC presentation skills, early education Montessori: sensing, math, developing language with the flash card of the Glenn Doman educational method.

The subjects specialized in developing the right brain and activate the maximum interaction of the two hemispheres of the brain: VinaBacus intelligent abacus, art, shaping, dance.

In particular, Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool aims to train English as a second language for Vietnamese children. Therefore, English is included in the content of teaching with all groups at the school.


Institute of education development and intellectual Việt (IEDV)

Head office: 234 My Dinh Str, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

- Trading office and Training Center in Hanoi: 36, Alley 139, Thien Hien Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District.

Hotline: (024) 3796.5079; 093.222.9833  Fax: (+844) 3796.5079

- Trading office and Training Center in HCM City: Room.009, Phu An Apartment Building, Thoi An Ward, District 12.

Hotline: 0898.571.456 –


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