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General introduction Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool

Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool is a unit directly under the Institute of Education Development and Intellectual Việt (IEDV). The school was established based on two projects, including Early Education Research and Theory of Multiple Intelligences Project and Inter-Level School Project.

The objective of the School is to create a comprehensive quality education environment for Vietnamese students as the aspiration of Professor, Hero of Labor Vu Khieu - Honorary President - Senior advisor specifically dedicated to the School through the parallel sentence:


 Literally translated:           Orchids spread the scent all over the ground

                                                Heros have the position of conquering the sky

Interpretation: Mind - Capacity - Intellect of the educators are pure as the orchid flowers, spreading the scent all over the ground. Preschoolers of Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool are descendants of heroes who have the position of conquering the sky right now.


Xuan Phong Preschool is the first and only school in Vietnam to develop a training program for the development of eight types of intelligence combining the early education sects in the world.

- Montessori Early Education Approach, Glenn Doman, Japan

- VinaBacus – Intelligent math for right brain development and multi-intelligence theory

- Applied Life Skills & 12 Extra-curricular Sessions / 1 year

- English – Fun English: Montessori Advance System and Montessori Bilingual System


- Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool is not named civilization, but its contents and spirit of the school always show and propagate the elements of the Vietnamese civilization. Subjects and training programs must help students become aware of, promote and be proud of the Vietnamese civilization.

- Civilization is simply culture plus human. Culture - is the culture of human. Human - is a cultured human. Civilization is the unity of two elements culture and human.

- Civilization in such a broad sense is a high level of culture and human of a developed country. Developed countries here are not only composed of economically developed countries, but also of well-developed countries, in which special emphasis must be placed on healthy mental development.

Thus, the inner content of the construction work of Xuan Phong Montessori School is a matter of service to the Vietnamese civilization, with the hope that the civilization represents the common sense of the whole nation, of each locality, within each family and that is the common sense of every human. Xuan Phong Montessori School builds up the education contents which universalize the above elements, universalize the elite values of the Vietnamese civilization, the elite values of mankind and advanced and modern educational methods to generations of students in Vietnam. Students in Xuan Phong Montessori School from pre-school to undergraduate and post-graduate need comprehensive care from the beginning, both physically and mentally, and to be imbued with Vietnamese culture, civilization completely; converge skills, knowledge of global citizens.

The objective that Xuan Phong Montessori School aims about the civilization, building human to develop multiple intelligences, is centered in the following sentence:

Literally translated:          COLLECT ALL THE ELITE FROM ANCIENT TIMES

                                                BUILD UP THE CIVILIZATION OF THIS COUNTRY

From Professor, Hero of Labor Vu Khieu.


Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool has 4 classrooms with an area of 30-50 m2, including full equipment for teaching and learning activities:

ü  Low tables - high tables suitable for each age and purpose used in the lessons;

ü  Computers, smart TVs, projectors: serving lessons using electronic lesson plans, English lessons;

ü  Ceiling loudspeaker system: stimulate and develop the preschooler's musical intelligence by listening to the music in the movement lessons, activities of picking up/returning preschoolers, symphony at bed time;

ü  Montessori tools, Glenn Doman flashcards: teach by early education method;

ü  The School's shelving system is reasonably designed for preschoolers can self-serve themselves under the Early Education Program.

ü  There is also a functional system: the management room, the reception room, the kitchen, the storage room, the toilet to ensure the service of caring and nurturing activities and ensure the implementation of the school development plan.

Human resources

Chairman of Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool Council is Le Thi Lan Anh, MA. In addition, 15 teachers are recruited and trained on a thorough roadmap with high professional qualifications.

Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool was established with the desire to build an international quality inter-level school system in Vietnam. From then training the elite, excellent students with skills and knowledge of global citizens, so, the human resource of the School is always strictly required in term of quality.

100% of teachers of Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool undergo a Specialized Training Course in Communication Skills according to 12T Standard: Confidence, Wisdom, Dedication, Kindness, Reality & Subtlety & 21st century teacher career thinking, teaching according to Early Education Method by experts from the Institute of Education Development & Intellectual Việt before the class.

Service team including office staff, chef, cooking staff, semi-resident staff is well trained according to 12T standard: Confidence, Wisdom, Dedication, Kindness, Reality & Subtlety and knowledge on raising and teaching children, preschooler's psychology, how to deal with preschoolers, etc.


Institute of education development and intellectual Việt (IEDV)

Head office: 234 My Dinh Str, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

- Trading office and Training Center in Hanoi: 36, Alley 139, Thien Hien Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District.

Hotline: (024) 3796.5079; 093.222.9833  Fax: (+844) 3796.5079

- Trading office and Training Center in HCM City: Room.009, Phu An Apartment Building, Thoi An Ward, District 12.

Hotline: 0898.571.456 –


Extracurricular activities in Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool Training program and teaching content in Xuan Phong Montessori Preschool
HN:  234 đường Mỹ Đình, p. Mỹ Đình 2, q. Nam Từ Liêm
VPGD & TTĐT: số 36, ngõ 139 phố Thiên Hiền, p. Mỹ Đình 1, Nam Từ Liêm, HN 
Hotline: 04.3796.5079 - 0988 161 238
VPGD & TTĐT: 180 - 182, Lý Chính Thắng, Q3, HCM
Hotline: 090 228 9811 - 093 222 98 33

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